Production of sawn timber from the manufacturer

КАРПАТЫ ВЕСТ Производство пиломатериалов Production

Buy lumber wholesale from the manufacturer . By clicking the button below you can order and buy spruce lumber in bulk.

доска обрезная купить в украине

The company “Karpaty West” sells its products (lumber of various sizes) on the territory of Ukraine and beyond.

Using modern technologies we manage to produce a sufficient amount of products for sale in bulk. Saw-timbers are made according to GOST norms and European standards. All products pass quality control.

Minimum wholesale for lumber shipments starts at 40 cubic yards.

The company “Karpaty-West” is ready to ship products of the required quantity and dimensions of the customer of the following lumber:

Lumber with dimensions from 16 х 8 мм до  250 × 100 мм. доска обрезная
Sawn timber with a width of 100 mm or more. Lumber is made from logs or glued boards. It is used in house construction, furniture industry, production of containers, etc.
3. Block House
Sawn timber made in the form of a segment of a cylindrical block. Used for interior and exterior cladding of premises and various buildings.
блок хаус купить оптом
4.Imitation timber
It’s a type of lumber. It is also called a false beam. It is a panel made of chopped boards with a tongue and groove profile.
купить имитация бруса
Saw-timber, which is a thin sheathing board. It is used for internal and external treatment of premises: living rooms, baths, saunas, loggias, balconies, attic and utility rooms.
купить деревянную вагонку
Timber production