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The shaped board is a lumber that is produced by various cuts of wood and does not have an overhang. Where to buy a cut board? If you have such a question, you are in the right place. Order wood or get advice you can contact our consultants in telegram. Buy trim board in Ukraine

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Boards can be of different size, type, quality and, accordingly, purpose. This type of products is used in households, in production, in construction.

LLC “Karpaty West” produces a board for sale in the market of Ukraine and abroad. We have all the necessary documents and permits, which are established by the legislation of Ukraine.

How much does a trimmed board made of spruce cost?

доска обрезная купить в украине

Prices for this type of material depend largely on several factors: 1.Degree of humidity (the lower the humidity, the more expensive is the material 2. The grade of the board (grade depends on the number of knots per linear meter) 3.The height and width of the product

Properties and use of cut boards

The reliability, thermal insulation and other properties of the trim board depend primarily on the origin of the material. The best quality and strongest types of edging boards are produced from coniferous trees. Spruce is considered a common material.

In construction work, trimmed boards from spruce are often used. The main disadvantage of spruce can be considered the complexity of the process of its processing: the fact that on the surface of the trunk of the spruce tree is a huge number of limbs.

IIn addition, spruce is not characterized by high resistance to the occurrence and further development of rotting. Since spruce is also inferior in strength to pine, for example, bleached timber is most often used not for construction work, but for interior decoration of buildings (lathing, floorboards, false timber)

How to choose a trim board and where to buy it

The choice of a cut board depends on where it will be used and what it is intended for. If it is roughing work, purlins or roof decking, it is enough to buy uncut boards. If it is finishing work, for walls, floors, construction of pavilions, saunas or gazebos, it is better to choose a cut board with the necessary degree of humidity and grade. The grade depends on the number of knots and sawing of the wood.

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